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8 Natural Remedy for Hemorrhoids

8 Natural Remedy for Hemorrhoids

8 Natural Remedy for Hemorrhoids - Hemorrhoids is one of the most common ailments suffered by adults. Though it hemorrhoid is not a deadly disease, but this disease can not be considered trivial. hemorrhoids can make pengidapnya feel pain and discomfort, making daily activities could also be disrupted. Maybe you're looking for information on natural remedy for hemorrhoids, herbal remedies that are safe for health and easy to come by around you.

8 Natural Remedy for Hemorrhoids

Natural Hemorrhoid Remedies

The drug can also naturally ambeien You make as a companion drug so that this disease symptoms more quickly improves.

Here are the 8 natural remedy for hemorrhoids :

Aloe Vera

The Aloe Vera plant is one that has lots of benefits to health and beauty as well. One of the benefits of Aloe Vera for health is apparently can serve as natural hemorrhoids cures. This benefit can be obtained due to the Aloe Vera has a bitter taste that can relieve many types of irritation.

There are two ways to make Aloe Vera as a cure hemorrhoid naturally. Consumption of Aloe Vera can cause digestives. While applying Aloe Vera gel as a treatment will help relieve holes inflammation and relieve the pain and a burning session on the anus.

Black Tea

Natural hemorrhoids cure the second is black tea. The acid content of tannins in black tea is believed to be able to reduce the pain and swelling due to hemorrhoids. How to apply it is to use a tea bag wet compresses a virgin black anus.

Tea bags can be soaked in warm water first, then straight on the compress can also use a used tea bag which is cooled first. Compress for about 10 minutes at the anus and do 2 to 3 times a day.

Epsom salts and Glycerin

The next natural hemorrhoids cures are a mixture of Epsom salt (salt with magnesium sulfate) and Glycerin. The trick is to mix Epsom salts and Glycerin in comparison with 1:1. Then use a cotton swab or gauze to apply the mixture to the anus. Let stand for 15 to 20 seconds and repeat two to three times a day.


Garlic is also entered into the list of the recommended natural hemorrhoids cures. Garlic is rich in deposits of various substances that make it has antibacterial, detoxification, and a bitter taste. Garlic is believed to launch a powerful blood circulation, giving protection on blood vessels, to destroy the bacteria in the intestines.

There are several ways to make the garlic as a natural cure hemorrhoids. The first way is by consumption slavishly. The second way is by rubbing garlic on the ambient directly. However, the use of garlic as a remedy not recommended if external hemorrhoids accompanied by bleeding.

Apple vinegar

The next natural hemorrhoid medicine is apple vinegar. This one natural ingredient contains an astringent which is capable of shrinking swelling in blood vessels and relieving inflammation. There are several ways to use apple vinegar as medicine for hemorrhoids.

The first way is to mix apple cider vinegar with the water used to wash the anus. The second way is to apply apple vinegar using cotton or cotton buds in the hemorrhoid area. Another way is to mix a few drops of apple vinegar with water to drink.

Natural Oils

Natural hemorrhoids cure the sixth is the natural oils like almond oil. The choice of which one is generally given as hemorrhoids treatment external. The trick is to apply the oil directly on hemorrhoids external. Almond oil will moisturize and paint effects can relieve inflammation as well as in the skin so that the pain and itching due to hemorrhoids will be reduced.

In addition to the almond oil, you can also use olive oil which is rich in antioxidants and also has a bitter taste. How to apply the olive oil as natural hemorrhoid cures just as how to apply almond oil.

Dip warm water

The next natural ways to treat hemorrhoids is soaking with warm water. The goal is for relaxation and relieves the pain of hemorrhoids. It is easy, and you need to fill a large container with warm water, then sit in the container for approximately 15 minutes.

You can do this any way feel pain after defecation. However, you need to know is in this way undoubtedly ineffective to cure, but is only useful for relieving symptoms of hemorrhoids only.

Ice cubes

In addition to bathing with warm water, another way that is also effective for easing the pain of hemorrhoids is to use ice cubes. The trick is to compresses an unused part that feels pain using ice cubes for a few minutes until the pain slowly subsided.

Whether Effective Natural Hemorrhoids Treatment?

Some natural hemorrhoid remedy above is indeed a natural treatment recommended by a doctor and was declared safe. However, the treatment does not guarantee a cure for the disease, especially if Your hemorrhoids are experienced already classified as severe. Most of the natural treatments only relieve symptoms only.

Disease hemorrhoids can be recovered only by surgical procedures. Operating results even hemorrhoids also may not be permanent if you do not keep Your habits that can make hemorrhoids relapse. Generally, the results of operation of hemorrhoids can last for 5 to 10 years to not relapse again.

If you want to heal hemorrhoids with natural materials, you also have to accompany the pattern of healthy living, so hemorrhoids do not easily relapse. Many are consuming water white, fibrous foods, avoid spicy foods, regular gym are some of the ways that you can do to prevent hemorrhoids relapse.

Before choosing the appropriate treatment, it is worth consulting your doctor first to find out how badly you are experiencing hemorrhoids and hemorrhoid can You be treated fairly in a natural way only.

Hopefully, information about 8 Natural Remedy for Hemorrhoids is useful for you, don't forget to read other articles.
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